Tuesday, October 7, 2008

आनंद अनुभूति - English

117। Every moment of mine is rhythm of infinite.

Every moment of mine is rhythm of infinite.
My existence is bliss of infinite.
My every part is abode of infinity.
My personality is poetry of infinite
I am inseparable existence of all pervading.
I am eternal form of Omnipresent.
I am inseparable existence of Omniscient.
I am eternal link of infinite relations of beginning less.
Consciousness is witness of continuity of space and time.
Conscience measures distances of relations of
Observer and observed by space.
Consciousness measures difference of experience by time.
Time is, however, only an idea.
Its perception is realized or expressed by bliss of consciousness.
Cosmic consciousness is truth; world is relative truth.
‘Whatever is in body is in Cosmos’ is true.
Whatever is in mind of creature; same exists in cosmic mind.
The moment which is mine, is in His eternity.
The consciousness which is mine is His only.

23. My Agony

My agony, my story, variety of my qualities;
My dilemma, my hunger, my nectar !
You are redness of my heart, you are tears of my eyes;
You are aerial plexus of hurt,
You are tune of aerial plexus yourself.
You sing some songs, agony may move out;
Tune of eternal may echo,
Aerial plexus may become that of pituitary plexus.
I go to sleep in Your lap;
My mind gets lost in creation of Your mind.
You come and caresses my head;
Pineal gland of thousand petals gets awakened,
Ethereal plexus brings nectar.
Mind gets sprouted, I get awakened;
Agony gets dispersed, bliss overtakes.
My hunger became insignificant,
dilemma becomes convenience;
My story becomes Poetry,
varieties of my quality become attainment।

25. Journey of Perfect

Journey of Perfect from Perfect to Perfect;
Is complete, fulfilled, was Perfect, will be Perfect.
Every moment and breath of mine is festival of Perfect;
Every step of mine is rhythm of Perfect.
My journey of life is project of Perfect;
Every obstacle of mine is pause of Perfect.
My plans are organized by Him;
My strength and resolves are His breathing exercise.
My sorrows and pains are treatments of Perfect;
My achievements and successes are gift of His grace.
My incomplete story and agony are willed positions of Perfect;
My decorations are assets of future.
All my desires are propositions of Perfect.
Why should I get fearful, worried or agonized
By ever changing momentary stages of future?
I am His song, I am His decoration;
I listen His songs on His violin of my body।

26। Mysteries of mind

Mysteries of mind are unique;
These are known & unknown, desired & undesired.
Looking every known and unknown person, eye to eye;
We search our ‘Him’ in them,
Or search them in depth of our mind.
All appear to have been met some time, some where.
We find relations, develop love, and share agonies;
Make relations and happen to do some thing.
And at times, knowingly or unknowingly happen to quarrel.
We are not able to sleep few nights,
After returning from our own or foreign country.
We appear to be affected by jet lag.
But is it not reaction of passions of our loving persons abroad!
They remember us in their days; our sleep goes off in our nights.

27. The creatures become subservient in love

The creatures become subservient in love;
They happen to cross boundaries of time, place & persons.
The new creature happens to get conceived;
The creation moves one generation ahead.
Loving creatures after becoming parents;
Happen to love hitherto unknown new one,
More than they love themselves.
Every new upcoming creature might be our ancestor;
He/she can grow big beholding our fingers.
At times, he/she can behave like our grand parent.
Whatever pains or medicines we gave him/her,
He/she can react to that;
Becoming our own, he/she can give pain,
An unknown may come and give medicine.
Some of his/her reactive momenta could be pure,
Some could be better or worse;
Some reactive momenta could come
From pause in journey of his/her conscience.
Some new reactive momenta could come,
From his/her other experiences in this life.
Whatever creatures we associated with in our infinite lives,
Who so ever creatures we got, came and gone, will come;
All vibrate our mind waves;
Change our passion and nature.
That is why, world looks our own;
and at times it looks strange & alien।
All are our own, all are like dreams;
all are in mind, all are known।
All are to come, all are to go,
and all are known & unknown।

8। Creation is His!

Creation is His, mine and yours;
It is of all, in all and all are in creation.
We inhale what others exhale.
We exhale which others inhale.
We throw our inner pollution out;
Every other creature picks it up considering it life.
This play of breathes, creates creation.
This experiment of 5 elements makes a good combination.
The good combination in nature creates nice opportunity.
Union of creature with Supreme is
Creation’s great opportunity।

9. Every one knows my Father!

Every one knows my Father.
One, who does not know, also accepts.
One who does not accepts, accepts himself,
Because he knows Him.
He has let him know him,
Only His grace has made him forget Him.
Those who have got lost from their Father;
Have forgotten His address, have lost all money.
There appears no way out, the path found also gets lost.
How easy it is to go back to his Father’s home;
There may not be any address, clothes or vehicle.
Only desire is enough; no permission is required.
Just express this desire to the world,
Some one knowing Him will arrive;
He will put him in His vehicle,
Fair will also be paid by Him.

10। My Father is director of Earth !

My Father is director of Earth!
I, however, thought, I was myself director.
I lost every thing while getting mislaid;
I lost mind, body, money, faith and every thing.
I understand, director may not have any name, dress or address;
He may changes name, dress, address as per need!
Still, those who understand Him are able to recognize Him in world.
Some one will take us to our own home in His vehicle,
He will remove our fatigue, extinguish hunger and offer nectar.
Shortage of money will go away by passion,
Son of director will again become director.
When He will love us, when he will place His hand on our head!
All in world will become our own,
honour and respect will get showered as gift।
When our hands touch His feet,
His hands remain on our head!
When we sleep in His lap,
bliss and fearlessness get spread in world।
Earth gets filled with thrill, Sky gets glared by stars।
12। How great an appraiser and examiner you are!

How great an appraiser and examiner you are!
You are observer, manager, entrepreneur,
vital, established and experimentative।

You create unions & retreats though Yoga,
By utilizing nature, you arrange opportunities.
While, you yourself appear unobserved and non creator,
You impart acceleration to scenes of creation.
At times, you let creation sleep in your lap,
Some times, you vibrate creation while letting it sit in your heart!
At times, you smile in subconscious mind,
You thrill creatures of creation with happiness.
Some times, transcending with sharp vision,
You sprout conscience of progeny.

13। When You will do what?

When You will do what? Why you will do to whom?
Bounded by time place persons,
My mind is not able to understand or bear.
I am not able to see time of place and persons,
Place of time and persons, persons of place and time.
You are able to see time place & persons,
You shake and vibrate them.
You create place and persons at some time,
Place in place, person in person, time in time.
Or you dissolve them all in yourself!

14 You are infinite creअटर

You are infinite creator of time, space, entities, mind stuff,
Of nature of 3 properties*, of manifested cosmic entity.
Your solid, liquid, fire, air and ether are decorated by 5 elements.
The mind stuff of yours after getting annoyed by clash of
Solid particles create plants, animals, humans and sentient ones.
Yogi interacts with your manifested;
Your manifest cosmic entity integrates with cosmic management.
While being amused and thrilled,
Essence of creation merges in un-manifested cosmic entity
Un-manifested again becomes manifested and a new nature gets created.
The creation while smiling and flowed in creates new creation,
Internal and extremal creation.
Our creation creates entities in spaces at times.
Time, place & persons happen to dance with this play of yours.
The dormant nature becomes happy and 3 properties get activated.
The depth of un-manifested creates properties and
It happens to get every entity make efforts in every place and time.
The qualities, on expanding and developing,
Happen to understand quality of un-manifested and
Time, place and persons then happen to fill creation by bliss.
* 3 properties of nature = Sentient, mutative and stative
15। My Poem

Whose creation are you, my poem!
In which creation, will you get outspread!
Sitting at heart of paper, are you fluid of blackness of pen?
Or are you lily of despair?
Or alternatively, are you affluence of expanding Universe?
Expressed in emotion, gratified in spirit; are you asleep amidst paper?
Manifested in mind, engaged in body;
crawling in heart, motivated by conscience।
Will you like to live; will you be able to live for ever;
In creation of book; in creation, flow and dissolution of creation?
Or you will like to live in conscience,
mind stuff and vacuum of my creation?
In vibration of every conscience;
in compassionate story of every particle of Earth?
Will you meet every stream of water,
every spark of fire, every wave of air?
With every melody, tune and poem living in वोइडof sky?

16। Whose shower are you, my Poetry!

Whose shower are you, my poetry?
In which creation, you want to get outstretched?
Will you look for each poem which is still asleep in human mind?
Will you like to express feelings of all minds through poems?
Will you extend flow to every pain?
Will you make bliss even more blissful?
Every breath and conscience of mine is suppressed;
Some are in bliss in ignorance; some are not in bliss owing to knowledge.
You lovingly massage their heads,
Shower their feet with flowers; massage their hearts in such a way
That their minds get clarified, their tears get dispersed.
May their hearts get thrilled, may they vigorously breathe;
May they happen to sing and beget bliss?
Don’t express pains of your heart, you only listen?
Learn to tolerate, teach irrigation; understand weeping, teach smiling.
Keep smiling, make others laugh and blissful.
You don’t look for prize; don’t think of prestige;
Don’t think of price.
You simply move from heart to hearts;
From the wave of pleasure and pains to flow of bliss.
From creatures to Creator, from Creator to creatures.

17. My existence is infinite

My existence is infinite; I am traveller of infinity.
Some times, I look for beginning of infinity;
At times, I search for end of infinity.
Some times, I get my existence,
At times, I loose my existence.
Some times, I find you in middle;
At times, you keep me anxiously waiting until end.
Some times, you get understood,
At times, you make me understand.
My existence lies in you only;
If I meet you, I meet myself.
If you caress me, I may be able to caress you;
If you appear in sight, I prostrate you.
You remain close to me, keep closeness;
Don’t keep bitterness, don’t be miser.
You are busy in controlling creation;
Still, you should remain with me every moment.
In regular company of yours, in your existence;
I shall find my path, my existence.

18. Passion is emotional in vortex of feelings

Passion is emotional in vortex of feelings;
Black bee is full of passion, Earth is blissful.
If you come by, we may fill passion in language;
We may sing some songs here, we may get some friends here.
Stars will come, they will bring Moon with them;
Wagtail will please minds, entertain with echo.
May you not get lost in your own melodies !
You mingle your melody in melodies of others.
Fifth note in music will sprout, Papiihara will speak;
Moon will smile, Moon bird will sing.
Emotional water will start flowing after emerging from snow;
Sun will give tune while associating with air.
Sky will be over head, mind will move fast;
Passions will speak through minds
after flowing from Pituitary plexus.
You then listen it all and sing;
Earth will sprout, Moon will feel shy.
Passion will speculate arrival of beloved;
Lord will smile and out stretch becoming beloved.

20. Probability

Probability is creation of harmonious passion
Probability is shower of sentient passion.
Harmonious passion is possible by exchange of meditation;
Sentient passion gets created by engrossing into penance.
Meditation balances mind in body and spirit;
Penance cleanses body, mind and spirit.
In balanced mind, evolved body, conscience moves amidst world & people;
All become harmonious, sentient and possible in created world.
Creation happens in internal and external world.
Harmony comes from simplicity, by meeting of void and infinity;
By merging of consciousness with all, by merging of creator and created.
And then, all harmony and all sentient, crystallize creation of
Probability, success and new creation.